Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Cedar Lodge, Christmas 2010

This is the Christmas 2010 Sketch Book, which was fun to do at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.  I can't really draw, but I have fun with these sketch books when I am on vacation.  This was a Christmas Vacation and our first time not to be at home, but all the kids and grandkids loved it.  Three days at "Christmas Town" as we called it, as we rode the shuttle to dinner each night.  All the cabins are decked out with white lights, and they reflect in Table Rock Lake.  Running horses, bears climbing trees, reindeer are just a few of the animals made out of Christmas lights that are placed around the resort.  Decorated Christmas trees are everywhere and swags of everygreens with lights hang from every inch of the resort, that doesn't already have a stuffed animal hanging with some type of fishing gear. 

This was true Christmas Fun for our family.....................................

We kept the Fireplace going for 3 days

The weather was perfect for a fireplace, we kept the fire going for three days.  Snow was in the air, we had a decorated Christmas Tree in the cabin, all we had to bring were the gifts to go under the tree.  This is the easy to put together Christmas Vacation, just call the shuttle, and they take you where ever you want to go at Big Cedar Lodge.

Santa came to the cabin on Christmas Eve, I screamed when I saw him in the window, this is the real Santa.  He came in the door with Snowflake, his elf, that had visited the cabin the night before to read Violet and Camile a bedtime story.  Everyone in the world should get to meet this "Santa" he was tall, larger than life and just wonderful in every way.  WOW.......I can't say enough good things about him, but of course that is how everyone should feel about Santa. 

Crazy Reindeer

My favorite colors for Christmas, green and is true

Christmas Still Life

As an sketch artist, we just can't wait to draw a still life.  My next door neighbor, Donna, had sent me the poinsettia, Jeanie had sent the wine, and Frank had made the snacks, it was time to eat and sketch.

Inside our Cabin

We loved our cabin, even the lamp shade had the Big Cedar Logo...

Outdoor view From Devil's Pool Restaurant

Looking out at the cabins, for a long time, while Frank ate the largest breakfast on earth.  We were in front of the fireplace, and snow flakes were in the air, so I was happy having the time to draw in the sketch book.

Who was the Interior Decorator

A dead opossum hanging from the ceiling in the Devil's Pool Restaurant...........

Christmas Gifts

Still Life of Christmas gifts, this was sketched on Christmas Day with the gifts that were left in our cabin.  Frank had brought alot of food for us to snack on, this giant cake was gingerbread cake, with red and green icing.  Violet and I ate alot of the cake, it was a real hit, and Cathy happen to give me a cake stand for my gift, so I was able to put it to work.  Tyler gave us hand soap and lotion, and they are at my kitchen sink right now.  Holly brought her Grandmother's favorite late night nip, which is a Blackberry Wine, and we opened the bottle poured it into little flutes (trimmed in holly with berries) and had a toast to "Pocky" and all had a little tear in our eye.  Bob and Pat Wheeler had sent me a box of pecans, that are in the still wrapped box, because I like to toast them at home, and eat them when the kids aren't around.  A few of the joke gifts were still around, Frank refused to take the "yodeling pickle" which is a really stupid gift, but you can't push that button with out laughing when you hear it.  Who in the world makes such a stupid thing?  Who in the world would buy it, Me.....   Dilly Dally gift shop in Rogers, has a large stock of gag gifts, I just ask them the 5 top joke gifts, so all the kids could have one. 

Christmas Eve Dinner

Wow, what a wonderful evening at the Worman House.  Our big Christmas Dinner is always on Christmas Eve, and this year the Worman House chef did the cooking for Bob.  Everyone was all dressed up, Frank even wore a suit, and we all used our best manners. (except when I reached over and took a bite of Frank's prime steak, I only had soup and salad, what is a girl to do when smelling steak) Live music made us all want to get up and dance, so we did.  Violet (being 3) danced with Aunt Holly and her mother Hannah, and Bob and I joined in the fun.  With all the beautiful Christmas decorations, in the already great dining room, I felt like we were in a Christmas movie that had come to life. 

Two, to many gift tags left over

Found some great gift tags at Sams this year, just two of the cute tags

Candy Cane filler for the end of sketch book

It always happens, that you have a few pages left and you need to fill them at the end of the book.

The end of Christmas 2010 "The Sketch Book"

It was great fun to work on the sketch book over the three days at Big Cedar.  Another sketch book to add to my collection of vacations for the last 5 or 6 years.

Christmas Eve Wildness back at the cabin

Joke gifts, what else can I say

Christmas Card Painting

If I had sent out a Christmas Card, this would have been the picture, with a sky blue border, and maybe a little gold pin stripe. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sandy Lair at home with "Art"

My friend that has more of my art than I do, is Sandy Lair of Harrison, Arkansas.  She has always encouraged me over the many years, and has purchased many paintings from the early watercolor years.  Now, about 10 years later it was so fun today, to go into her home and see several of my painting hung in every room of the house.  Everyones art developes over the years, and this is like going into a museum of my past.  When you have such a beautiful home as Sandy has I am thrilled to be included.  We both like to be creative, but in different ways, what a fun friendship we have developed over the years. 

Thank you to Sandy for a wonderful day, I have moved to Fayetteville which is over an hour away, but it is always worth the drive to be a guest in Sandy's home.  For those friends of mine that don't know Sandy, she can talk as much as I do, believe it or not. 

Four totally different Christmas Trees were at the Lair home today, and of course Garden Club had us answer roll call with "What does your Christmas Tree look like this year."  Sandy had to make up her mind, which one of the 4, was her favorite.  Many ladies in the club had to admit that Sandy was the designer behind their Christmas Trees, she has a real love of a good tree, and she knows how to decorate them.  (I don't have a tree this year, mine rusted last year, and no I didn't water a fake tree)

This is my longest blog that I have ever posted, and this is just terrible software to use.  I can't spell, and this spell check doesn't work correctly, so just enjoy and over look all my problems with grammer and spelling.  I am just being creative and having fun......... I always have fun

Abstract Art in Gouache

Making an interesting abstract painting takes time and many layers of paint.  This painting is Gouache, which is an opaque watercolor, made with several days of layering.  This summer I had an art appreciation luncheon, and gave Sandy and Debbie Reeves each an abstract painting.  I brought several to lunch and let them each go shopping for the one that fit their home the best.  They told me that one of the paintings looked just like me, and I had to take it back home, and it is on my kitchen island right now. 
Sandy's home is just lovely, everywhere you look it seems like something you would see in Veranda Magazine, which is my favorite.  This is just a corner of her living room, that overlooks the terrace and the local golf course. 

"Birthday Suit" painting that was just for Sandy with several hidden objects (such as the age of my friend)

Bathroom Art by Cynthia... That usually is the first place people place my art

Dining Room: a dream come true I am hanging with a Kate Nessler painting

Sandy was the hostess for the Harrison, Village Flower and Coffee Company Christmas party this year.  Her dining table was beautiful, and beautiful and tasty treats were served.  Debbie Reeves, also one of my collectors had made my favorite dainty ham and biscuits that were topped with a dusting of powder sugar. Millie Conner provided the delicious fried apples, and the sinfully rich and decadent Egg Nog Punch.  ( you know she just made that wonderful punch so we would all drink 3000 calories, so I only drank half a cup)  Sandy rounded out the table with holiday cookies (they looked right out of Martha Stewart's Magazine, white iced Christmas trees, made by a neighbor)  and Cranberry-Nut tarts, that Sandy said she really made??????
The reason I love being hung with Kate Nessler, is that she is the "BEST" botanical artist in the WORLD, and she has received numerous awards in English art exhibits.  Kate happens to live in Kingston, Arkansas and I was able to watch her demo several years ago. 
The photos were taken on my cell phone today, and you can see my reflection in the painting of the lavender field in Provence.  This is one of my favorite subjects, and I have done several paintings of this landscape, with the lavender. 

This software is difficult to use................

Close up of bedroom watercolor and still life next to bed

Guest Bedroom is a Watercolor Dream

Top painting, is the "Best Valentine" that was hand painted and mailed to 12 select friends.  Over the years I have painted up to 20 original painting to mail to friends, this seemed to be the most popular that I ever sent.
Middle painting, was a Thanksgiving painting of my centerpieces for that year
Lower painting, was a Halloween card with a few gold gouache accents
Wall of three watercolors

Sandy has ART-FULL Bulletin Board

Next to the back door, even the bulletin board has art, the house is just full.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little 6x6 paintings for the Christmas Season

It is that time of the year when I paint a lot of little paintings to give away.  Thursday, I am taking two of the little 6x6 paintings to a club auction.  Then I always have the worry no one will buy them.  At times I have had a plant in the room to bid on the painting just to make sure it looks like someone is bidding on it.  Someone will have pity, it is a very nice group of women. 

If you are so lucky as to get one of the little paintings for Christmas, then you are one lucky person. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Little Square Paintings

Three fun little square paintings that I painted with two friends. Jeanie, Lynda and I had our own little workshop at Lynda's house.  We all got a few good little paintings. 

Goshen Arkansas is beautiful today

Fall is such a wonderful time to paint outside.  Today, the local Wednesday outdoor painting group was near Goshen, Ar.  One of our members has an antique log cabin, and I painted  in the front yard of her cabin, looking back toward the highway.  The leaves were wonderful today, and we had just enough sun, and a little too much wind.  About three times my umbrella took off, and I had to run after it.  That would have been a funny video.  Bob has rigged up a way for me to attach an umbrella to a leg of my easel, I thought it was vented enough, but not enough for today.  The group of about 14 people enjoyed lunch in the log cabin in front  of the fireplace. The paint was done in about 1 ½ hours and is an 8x10. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trees and the Red Mountains

The bright yellow trees against the purple mtn. was fantastic to paint.  When I was really looking at it that morning  the dark color behind the trees almost looked black. This was our first day at Ghost Ranch, under a large tree, in front of the main check in lodge, and trading post.  A large field was in front of us, and a poor horse with a terrible sway back was just grazing around the pasture.  Everyone in the class just jumped in and started to paint, the bright colors that were in front of us.  Ann Templeton did a demo after lunch, she has a light touch, doesn't use any white until the last finishing stage of the painting.  As I look at this painting now, it could use a few changes, but I like to just leave them alone once I get home.  The fast work you do outside isn't always perfect, but it is fun.  If you keep going back into the painting, you might as well just stay home and paint in the studio, and make it perfect. This was a fun girl trip, and we all had to fly into Santa Fe with all the equipment for a week of painting outside.  It takes alot of planning to get the right equipment, paints, easels and umbrellas into your suitcase.  Because we are oil painting, we get the paint all over us.  Old clothes and comfortable shoes are a must, it is just about painting and you forget everything else in the world.  Ok, I did take a little radio, I had to know what was going on in the real world. 

Big Mountains, small painting

This is some big famous mountain, that you see from everywhere at Ghost Ranch, but I can't remember the name of the mountain.   When painting outside it is nice to do small paintings so that you get finished in just a few hours, as the sun is always changing.  This is a 8x10 that I did one afternoon, and it was a new experience for me to paint red/purple mountains. 

Ghost Ranch the Mesa area with new lodging

From the road leading up to the main buildings at Ghost Ranch, this is the view of the building where we stayed.  We were up on a mesa, in front of the large bluffs.  Our lodging was the roof tops to the right.

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

This painting was done in early October, 2010 at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.  This is my favorite painting from the week.  The class painted on and around the ranch for a week.  Each night after dinner we would have a class with the teacher, Ann Templeton and she would discuss our days work.  This site is the Chama River which runs beside the 13 mile road that goes to the Chapel that the local Monks have built.  They live and work at the chapel, which is really out in the middle of nowhere.  Oh wait, the Ghost Ranch is out in the middle of nowhere, it was like being at an adult summer camp, and it was fun to visit with everyone else in the class.