Sunday, October 24, 2010

Building plus old gas pump, hidden on the long driveway into Big Cedar

Friday morning, I decided to paint the old building and gas pump along the entrance to Big Cedar Lodge.  Although it was morning, it seemed to me the light would be more interesting as afternoon sun.  The week before the paint out I did take some pictures of the building with afternoon sun, which helped me with the shadows.  The old red gas pump, that is rusted was much better in the sunlight than the shade.  When painting outside it is all about the shadows.  Well come to think of it, it seems all painting of still life as well as landscape need shadows to make them interesting.  The fun part of being on the entrance to the resort is that I got to talk to alot of people driving within inches of me.  If they had a Razorback of anytype on their cars, I would give them a thumbs up, and they would stop and we talked about the upcoming football game the next day.  Many people wanted directions, they didn't know they were just on the entrance road, I guess they thought they were lost in the Ozarks. 

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