Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September 2011 Art Walk-Springfield, MO

Canvas Art Gallery
315 South Avenue
Springfield, MO 65806

4 new oil paintings will be in the September Art Walk I will try to be in Springfield that night. 

If you have thought about donating to the American Red Cross, for Joplin, Missouri now is the time.
Just make your check out to the Red Cross, and you get the painting, and the people in Joplin will benefit.  This is just a small gesture, but it is better for me to be at home painting, than trying to help on location in Joplin. 

Out to Dinner in Eureka Springs

Three Chairs/ Out to Dinner in Eureka Springs
4 ft by 2 ft  $250.

Pears Plated

Pears Plated  36x36  oil  $150.

The Black Bottle

The Black Bottle  24x30 oil $125

Small Vase of Sunflowers

Small Vase of Sunfloswers   Oil  16x20 $100