Saturday, March 26, 2011


Mostly sheep paintings will be in the art show that will be hung on April 1st, which is the first Friday of the month, then remain up for the month.  I will be at the show from 5 until 7 on that Friday night, and will buy any friends of mine a gelato for stopping by.  The cute little shop, is owned by Chantel Drennen who is a friend of Frank, my son.  They were both undergrads at Drury University several years ago, so I will donate any proceeds from this show to Drury. 

Cute Couple of Sheep

18 x18 Oil painting of a couple of Cute Sheep.  Last fall Bob and I were driving around looking for good places for me to paint outside, when we found these sheep.  They are on the University of Arkansas farm property on Garland Ave. between the 540 Interstate and downtown Fayetteville.  These are "city sheep" that live at the university, maybe they have college degrees, who knows.  Maybe I should check to see if they are still there, someone may be using them for a masters degree research or something.  I have made some note cards of the sheep, maybe I will take some by to the University Offical Sheep Keeper, who ever that may be.   

Big Landscape-Hot Night

30x40 Oil Painting in a black frame.  This painting was started with an orange underpainting and the blues to create the zing.  Just a nice change after all the sheep paintings. 

Lone Sheep

8x8 oil painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This might be my favorite of the group of paintings.  The first painting I did for this show was the 18x18 of the two sheep.  Then I was just in love with the sheep and started doing all the smaller paintings.  So one night Bob walked out into my art studio ( which means he left ESPN for a short time) and saw this little painting.  So, he asked, did this sheep get divorced from the other sheep.   I said, why do you ask that, well it looks like you cut his picture out from the other one, and that is what you do when you get divorced.  I just hate to name the picture the "Divorced Sheep" so we will call it the "Lone Sheep"

Who me Sheep

8x8 Oil painting on a gallery wrap canvas.
This is a very loose painting, but it captures the sheeps attitudes.   As in, leave us alone

Sheep in the pasture

8x8 painting that still needs a frame.  This is an oil that is not on a gallary wrap, so I will try to get it framed before the show next week.  This is way to close to view this painting, you need to stand back from the screen, maybe across the room.

Four Sheep but only two are watching us

16x20 Oil painting   When taking pictures of the Sheep, they were having a good time minding their own business when Bob and I started taking pictures.  They live on Garland Ave. in Fayetteville, AR

The Stud Sheep

16x20 Oil   This seems to be a sheep with an attitude, I have also painted this same sheep in a little different style, it might be at the Gelato Mio show.

Spring day but the sheep ran off

8x8 Oil painting  but the Sheep had run off.  I am not very good with animals.  This is a gallary wrap canvas

Little 6x6 Landscapes in Oil

These are painted on canvas that has been prepared with a black underpainting.  I love to paint high key, so this is a good way for me to use my bright colors, yet parts of the black show around the edges.