Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Still Life of Christmas gifts, this was sketched on Christmas Day with the gifts that were left in our cabin.  Frank had brought alot of food for us to snack on, this giant cake was gingerbread cake, with red and green icing.  Violet and I ate alot of the cake, it was a real hit, and Cathy happen to give me a cake stand for my gift, so I was able to put it to work.  Tyler gave us hand soap and lotion, and they are at my kitchen sink right now.  Holly brought her Grandmother's favorite late night nip, which is a Blackberry Wine, and we opened the bottle poured it into little flutes (trimmed in holly with berries) and had a toast to "Pocky" and all had a little tear in our eye.  Bob and Pat Wheeler had sent me a box of pecans, that are in the still wrapped box, because I like to toast them at home, and eat them when the kids aren't around.  A few of the joke gifts were still around, Frank refused to take the "yodeling pickle" which is a really stupid gift, but you can't push that button with out laughing when you hear it.  Who in the world makes such a stupid thing?  Who in the world would buy it, Me.....   Dilly Dally gift shop in Rogers, has a large stock of gag gifts, I just ask them the 5 top joke gifts, so all the kids could have one. 

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  1. She's exaggerating the cake a little here. I CAN, make them this tall, but this one was simply two nine inch rounds split, filled, and frosted. You want crazy, I'll make you three 10 inch rounds split, filled, frosted, and decorated with borders and other piping.

    It's a yodeling pickle. The greatest gift I could've had that Christmas is someone getting the damned thing away from me.