Monday, December 6, 2010

Dining Room: a dream come true I am hanging with a Kate Nessler painting

Sandy was the hostess for the Harrison, Village Flower and Coffee Company Christmas party this year.  Her dining table was beautiful, and beautiful and tasty treats were served.  Debbie Reeves, also one of my collectors had made my favorite dainty ham and biscuits that were topped with a dusting of powder sugar. Millie Conner provided the delicious fried apples, and the sinfully rich and decadent Egg Nog Punch.  ( you know she just made that wonderful punch so we would all drink 3000 calories, so I only drank half a cup)  Sandy rounded out the table with holiday cookies (they looked right out of Martha Stewart's Magazine, white iced Christmas trees, made by a neighbor)  and Cranberry-Nut tarts, that Sandy said she really made??????
The reason I love being hung with Kate Nessler, is that she is the "BEST" botanical artist in the WORLD, and she has received numerous awards in English art exhibits.  Kate happens to live in Kingston, Arkansas and I was able to watch her demo several years ago. 
The photos were taken on my cell phone today, and you can see my reflection in the painting of the lavender field in Provence.  This is one of my favorite subjects, and I have done several paintings of this landscape, with the lavender. 

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