Monday, December 6, 2010

Sandy Lair at home with "Art"

My friend that has more of my art than I do, is Sandy Lair of Harrison, Arkansas.  She has always encouraged me over the many years, and has purchased many paintings from the early watercolor years.  Now, about 10 years later it was so fun today, to go into her home and see several of my painting hung in every room of the house.  Everyones art developes over the years, and this is like going into a museum of my past.  When you have such a beautiful home as Sandy has I am thrilled to be included.  We both like to be creative, but in different ways, what a fun friendship we have developed over the years. 

Thank you to Sandy for a wonderful day, I have moved to Fayetteville which is over an hour away, but it is always worth the drive to be a guest in Sandy's home.  For those friends of mine that don't know Sandy, she can talk as much as I do, believe it or not. 

Four totally different Christmas Trees were at the Lair home today, and of course Garden Club had us answer roll call with "What does your Christmas Tree look like this year."  Sandy had to make up her mind, which one of the 4, was her favorite.  Many ladies in the club had to admit that Sandy was the designer behind their Christmas Trees, she has a real love of a good tree, and she knows how to decorate them.  (I don't have a tree this year, mine rusted last year, and no I didn't water a fake tree)

This is my longest blog that I have ever posted, and this is just terrible software to use.  I can't spell, and this spell check doesn't work correctly, so just enjoy and over look all my problems with grammer and spelling.  I am just being creative and having fun......... I always have fun

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